The Winery

La Torretta ,a  historic  winery of Piacenza, is located in the heart of the Tidone Valley. A valley in the western part of the province of Piacenza, bordering Oltrepo Pavese, an area with strong ties to wine making. Its hills are full of vineyards, small villages , castles and mills. Reaching  La Torretta does not happen by chance; from the bed of the Tidone valley, right in front of Pianello, instead of crossing the river, you take the road on the  right towards Sala Mandelli. Climbing the rolling hills, alongside vineyards that look like gardens, you reach the center of the winery with its breathtaking  panoramic view.

On very clear mornings, you can see 8 bell towers, each corresponding to a village. Historical references to La Torretta date back to the 1600’s, and there are visible signs from that era in the surrounding  nucleus of ancient buildings and land.  Vineyards were outlined  in a map dating back to 1822.  Renovations in the 1980’s transformed the winery into what you see today,  making  La Torretta  the ideal meeting place for everyone that loves to mix the pleasure of wine with discovering places rich in history, tradition and culture.

In 2015, the winery underwent another significant improvement by incorporating the neighboring winery of equal size, to create one of the biggest wineries in the Tidone Valley. The Marchesi  Family, passionate  promoter of this fusion, enriched the new La Torretta winery with an even  greater number of varieties of quality vineyards with more international flavors.  A welcoming environment remains one of the focal points of the winery which is open for guided tours as well as offering  charming reception rooms to enjoy wine tasting paired with famous DOP Piacenza salami with spectacular views of the Tidone valley. The antique nucleus  of buildings are the perfect setting for banquets and events.